The Sprouted Story

You know how the story goes. Girl meets planner in college...girl falls in love with planners...girl thinks she found the planner of her dreams...planner falls short in her time of need...girl creates her own planner. Classic.


That girl is me…Heather. Hello. Pull up a chair and let me tell you the story of how Sprouted Planner was born. But first, a little about me. I am a Minnesota lifer. I eat oatmeal every morning (except pancake Saturdays). I drink my coffee black. Things I would file under love: squirrels, toads, gin & tonic, the band NEEDTOBREATHE, humor, and quoting movies. Most importantly, I love my 3 long eye-lashed beloveds - my husband (Aaron), and kids (Gracyn and Oliver). Plus the rest of my home team. And Jesus. And lamp…I love lamp. (that's a movie quote).



OK, back to the planner. The year was 2016 and I just had my first baby. Going from independent and introverted (see: needs a lot of alone time to recharge) to life tethered to a baby was tough. When it finally started clicking, my world came crashing down with one phone call from my dad…he was diagnosed with ALS. You see, my dad was one of my favorite people. We've always had a very special bond. So, this 2-5 year death sentence was earth shattering. On top of it all, I went back to work, moved, bought a house, and moved again. All within 10 months. It was hard keeping my head above water. My dad died 2 years after his diagnosis, and is the hardest thing I have been through.


The planner I had during that time did not serve me well since I wasn't goal setting, or tracking habits, or keeping count of how much water I consumed in the day. There is nothing wrong with those things, but I had zero capacity to do them. 

What was truly important to me during that time was being intentional, taking the time to reflect during this critical season, and a place to write all the to-dos and notes that didn't stop despite it all.

While my life is currently simpler, I still carry those hard earned lessons with me to live with intention, reflect to appreciate and learn, and keep my planner nearby to brain dump. From this experience, I created the Sprouted Planner.
It's name was inspired by the Jack Kornfield quote:

"Be mindful of intention. Intention is the seed that creates our future."

It's amazing that an entire plant can come from a tiny seed. That's why this quote resonated with me. A simple mindset can sprout and bloom into your meaningful life. 
It's my dream to have this planner meet you where you're at, and not add to your overwhelm. I hope it allows you to approach whatever circumstance you're in with your clearest mindset. I desire that you reflect over your months in writing, and further cultivate your intentions so you can richly harvest from even the hardest seasons.

I also apologize for all the gardening references.

Cheers to an intentional life.