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Ahhh, the smell of planner season. Apples, PSLs, and planner launches.

The same scent is looming here at Sprouted Planner headquarters (aka, my house).

I hope you are feeling those cozy and excited vibes in your days.

The long awaited launch of the 2023 Sprouted Planners and accessories is here. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve designed these beauties, so it’s with great excitement to finally put them in front of you.

It’s with the utmost confidence that I can say these are the BEST planners yet.

Between the gorgeous covers, upgraded paper weight, lovely tabs, and other improvements, I believe you will absolutely be smitten as well.


This post will be covering all the products in the 2023 launch, but let’s start with the headliners.


For the 3rd year in a row, the covers were designed by the uber talented and incredibly kind Karla Pámanes. She is also the designer behind Sprouted Planner’s branding, and color decisions.

If you are looking for a graphic designer for your business, I cannot recommend Karla enough.

This year, Karla created a color palate specifically for the planners. This is so all the covers can be paired cohesively together, even when they are all very different.

As with previous years, there are 3 covers to choose from:

The covers are hardcover with protective gold corners. They are bound with lovely gold o-rings.


There are two layouts to choose from: Daily and Weekly.

Technically, there’s a third option: Monthly. I’ll go into more detail on that below. For now, let’s focus on the Daily and Weekly.

Both types of planners have the following features:

  • Hard cover
  • O-ring bound
  • Protective gold corners
  • Mylar monthly tabs
  • Pocket inside the front cover
  • Light blue ribbon
  • 120gsm (80lb) white paper

Daily Planner

The Daily Planner is for those who want to start fresh everyday. If your natural planning tendencies are to focus on the day in front of you, this may be the best planner for you.

The daily planner features one page per day, Monday – Friday.

Except for the hourly schedule, no other boxes are labeled. This is so you can customize and use how you want, and not how someone else thinks you should.

Walking through the page…

Directly below the date is a rectangle box for your daily intention. Other uses could be a focus or reminder for the day.

Then 3 check boxes that can be used for:

  • Top 3 priorities of the day
  • Gratitude list
  • Meal planning

Directly below that is your daily schedule, running from 5:00am – 10:00pm. There is a light-grey dashed line running horizontally through the middle of each hour, for a half-hour indicator. The schedule is narrow so it doesn’t dominate the page.

To the top-right of the schedule is your to-do column with 15 lined checkboxes.

To the right of the to-do list is a 7×22 light-gray grid. This can be used for:

  • List making
  • Tracker (habits, medication, etc.)
  • Extended space for your to-do list
  • Notes

Below the to-do boxes/grid is blank, white space for notes, doodles, decorating, etc. In my opinion, not enough planners have white space, so it was important for me to design it in.

Finally, the page and day ends with a greyed-out rectangle running along the bottom of the page. This was designed to use for reflection space for your day. Since its unlabeled, it could also be used as:

  • Reminders for the next day
  • Quote/lyrics/poems/scripture
  • Meal plan
  • Daily gratitude

The Weekend in the Daily

Saturday and Sunday share a page.

I understand many people would like them to have their own pages. I would like to offer this as well but struggle with the sizing implications of that. For a planner that is already thick, separated weekends would add 52 additional pages.

Therefore, I tried to design the weekend page to be as functional as possible. Still included is the full-day schedule for both Saturday and Sunday, running from 5:00am – 10:00pm.

Below the daily schedule are 5 lined checkboxes for each day.

In-between the hourly schedules is a 9×33 grid box. This can be used for lists, notes, additional to-do space, etc.

Each day has it’s own rectangle box directly below the date for the daily intention, focus, reminder, etc.

The bottom of the weekend page is the greyed-out rectangular bar for a weekend reflection or whatever else you’d like to use it for.

Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner is a great option for those that think of the week as a whole. If it’s in your nature to think about what you want to do + get done within the week vs within each day, your brain is likely a weekly planner.

The weekly planner holds your Monday – Sunday schedule on the left side of the two-page spread. Each day gets its own rectangle with lines 4 lines to write down any appointments and such. In the second half of each rectangle are 3 checkboxes. Some ideas of how to utilize these:

  • Top 3 priorities of the day
  • Meal planning
  • Gratitude
  • Day specific to-dos
  • Habits

In front of each daily rectangle is a separated rectangle with the day and date. If it’s a holiday, its listed here too. There is a space below the date to note birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else you’d like to include.

Directly above the scheduled area is another blank rectangle for your weekly intention, focus, reminders, etc.

On the opposite page (the right-side page) of the weekly spread is your working area. From top to bottom, it boasts:

  • 20 lined checkboxes, broken into two columns. If desired, you can organize your to-dos between the two lists (Personal & Work, for example).
  • 14×21 grid starting from the middle, left-side of the page. It reaches the center of the page. The grid is great for lists, tracking, meal planning, or additional to-dos. Since this is a creative community, I’m sure there are plenty of other fun and/or functional ways to utilize this space.
  • Blank space from the end of the grid (which is the center of the page) to the end of the page. I use this space for notes throughout the week. It could also be used for decorations, doodles, quotes, etc.
  • A greyed-out large rectangle sits at the bottom of the page as space for reflecting on the week. If that’s not your thing, it can be used as a dugout for the next week, or I’ve seen it used for meal planning and weekly gratitude.

Planner Features

Outside the specific layouts (weekly or daily), both planners have the same features:

  • Front Pocket
  • Preparation pages in the front
  • Monthly spreads
  • Monthly Reflections (with notes pages on each side of the reflection page)
  • Yearly Reflection
  • Next Year page
  • Notes pages
  • Ribbon

Front Pocket

Directly inside the cover is a pocket. You can store stickers, invites, mini notebooks, bills, or the like.

Admittedly, this pocket will do the job AND it stands some room for improvement. For 2024, I’ll be making sure the pocket material is much sturdier to securely hold your loose ends.

Preparation Pages in the Front

The front pages are optional but encouraged. The monthly spread will have a small checklist referring to these prep pages. It’s the place to help you determine your values and intentions, your most important people, things to remember, and hopes for the year.

There are also 4 notes pages directly in front of the January calendar. Use these however you want. Here’s some ideas:

  • Listing your morning and/or evening routine
  • Go-to meals
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Future or done lists (books, movies, shows, podcasts)

Monthly Spread

The monthly spread is dreamy (I say while dusting off my shoulders).

First of all, lined boxes! Goodbye slanted writing.

As referenced above, there is a checkbox to refer back to your prep pages of People, Reminders, and Year List to schedule those in.

There are plenty of space for notes, lists, to-dos, or goals.

For quick reference, the previous and next months calendars.

Lastly, a monthly quote that will be in the theme of the changing questions in the monthly reflection section. For example, January’s quote is “Nothing can be changed until it is faced,” by James Baldwin. The changing reflection questions for January are around your money story and priorities. Since January is after the holidays and most people (and companies) are starting a new fiscal year, your finances are something that need to be faced.

Monthly Reflection

At the end of each month are reflection questions. Some of the questions stay the same every month, and some of the questions change every month.

The questions are on one page, front and back. If you do not keep your planner after you’re done, this setup allows you to easily tear out your monthly reflections to keep. Reflecting, after all, is a form of journaling and memory keeping.

Putting the questions on one page also allowed for two additional notes pages each month: one dot grid page, and one lined page. I received feedback from a few people requesting a notes page at the end of the month.

Yearly Reflection

Directly after the December Reflection questions is the year-end reflection.

I can’t imagine a better way of ending the year than by reflecting on it. You honor your time spent, gain insight that only time can do, bring closure, and helps form your mindset and future actions for the year ahead.

The year end reflection in Sprouted Planner does just this. The best part, it pulls your responses from the monthly reflections to gain better insight.

For fun, there’s also a table with favorite categories of the year: movie/show, book/article, song, podcast, place, and memory.

Next Year Page

There’s nothing worse than having plans or appointments for the next year when you don’t have your next-year planner yet.

Ok, I say that with heavy sarcasm, but it does stink!

Enter: the Next Year page.

This is a one pager directly after the year-end reflection with a grid of 12 labeled monthly boxes. You can temporarily store your future plans here before you move into your next [Sprouted] planner.

Notes Pages

The last pages of the planner contain notes pages (lined).

The daily planner has 2 notes pages. Since the notebook is already thick, I didn’t want to bulk it up more with additional pages.

The weekly planners has 62 pages (31 actual pages, front and back)! Boom shaka laka. That’s pretty much a notebook on its own. Go wild with notes and lists.


New this year is the addition of the ribbon. It’s an extra spot saver in addition to the snap-in bookmark you’ll receive.

Another full disclosure, the ribbon was supposed to be longer so it could be easily pulled to the corner of your planner. It was a miss on the manufacturing side. If we keep the ribbon for next year, you can bet they will be longer.

If a ribbon isn’t your thing, you can easily cut it out. It’s glued behind the end sheet on the back cover. Simply snip along the top of the end sheet, and voila – goodbye ribbon.

Monthly Planners

New this year are the Monthly Planners. Quite different from their daily & weekly brethren, the monthly planners are low-key and portable.

Measuring in at 6×8 inches, they fit perfectly into your purse/bag/backpack. Staple-bound, they feature almost the same monthly layout as the OG planners, without the to-do list and blank space underneath the calendar.

The months are the traditional Sunday-Saturday layout, with light-grey lines to guide your writing.

There is a 8×35 light-grey grid sitting in the very first column, to the left of Sunday for notes, to-dos, tracking, doodling or anything else. Inside two of the blank calendar boxes are the previous and next month’s calendar.

Flipping the calendar page, there are two notes pages in between each month (including in-front of January, and after December). They are lined pages with faint-blue solid square boxes at the beginning of each line. These can be used as checkboxes, or ignored and viewed as decorations.

Three lined notes pages (without checkboxes) are included in the back.

Back to the beginning, the front pages include a cover page, year at a glance, and U.S. Holidays & Observations (including a couple lines underneath for important dates to you).

There are 4 covers to choose from, including the cover options from the daily + weekly planners, and a polkadot option, which was the ’22-’23 academic planner cover.

TL/DR Details

  • January – December 2023
  • 6 x 8 inches (3/16″ thick); weighs 4 ounces
  • Saddle-stitched binding (staple-bound)
  • 120 gsm paper, white
  • Sturdy coated paper cover with matte 
  • 4 cover options to choose from
  • 2023 calendar at-a-glance & U.S. Holidays and Observations listed
  • 2 notes pages (1 spread) before first month
  • Full month views with lined boxes
  • Traditional Sunday – Saturday calendar
  • Full gridded notes column prior to Sunday column
  • Previous and next month reference calendar
  • 2 notes pages (1 spread) between every month
  • Pre-made checkboxes on every line of the notes pages (25 per page)
  • 3 lined notes pages in the back

Monthly Planner Ideas

Loving the look & idea of these guys but not sure how to utilize them? Here’s some ideas:

  1. Planner for your bag
  2. Meal planning
  3. Content planning
  4. Project planning
  5. Appointment tracker
  6. Fitness planner/tracker
  7. Wellness planner/tracking (appointments, medications, moods, cycles, etc.)
  8. Hobby (decorating)
  9. Memory keeping
  10. Perpetual planner (birthdays, anniversaries, significant dates)


Big sellers! These Notepads are also new this year and already very popular, for good reason.

These high-quality linen notepads (hardback back-cover) feature the double 80s: 80 sheets of paper on 80 lb (120 gsm) paper. The very top is perforated to easily tear-off.

These lovelies are perfect for stand-alone planning, or used in conjunction with your planner.

There are currently four designs to choose from.

Notepad - Notes I
Notepad – Notes I

Notes I Notepad

Notes I Notepad is the perfect notepad to jot down your entire to-do list, with space for notes to boot. Featuring 26 lines with small squares to satisfyingly check off when your task is complete. The notes section has a light-gray grid.

Sprouted Planner Notepad - Notes II
Notepad – Notes II

Notes II Notepad

Notes II Notepad is the perfect notepad to organize your to-do list. Four separate sections of 12 to-do lines, with a grayed-filled header to label your lists. 

Sprouted Planner Weekly Notepad
Notepad – Weekly

Weekly Notepad

This Weekly Notepad will help keep your week organized and your to-dos in one spot. This one is especially handy for all you daily planner users, who want a weekly dashboard to reference.

Sprouted Planner Daily Notepad
Notepad – Daily

Daily Notepad

This Daily Notepad will help keep you intentional and on track all day long. This one is especially great for weekly planners who have days that need more planning.

Sprouted Planner Notepad Back - Charcoal
Notepad Back – Charcoal
Sprouted Planner Notepad Back - Cream
Notepad Back – Cream

Planning Notepad Details

  • Entire notepad: 5-13/16 x 8-3/8 inches, 0.5 inches thick (weighs 10.4 ounces)
  • 80 sheets of paper 
  • Perforation along the top for tear away sheets
  • 120gsm paper, white
  • Fabric cover and back
  • Tasteful gray color ink
  • 4 different options

Sticky Notepads

Psst…don’t forget about these! There is still stock of the Daily Sticky Notepad & Weekly Sticky Notepad. They are made on 3M brand Post-it Notes, so you know it’s the best quality.

They are 6-ish x 8 inches (5 13/16 x 8, to be exact), and will fit perfectly on your planner pages.

Fans of the sticky notes like to compliment their weekly planner with the daily sticky notes, and vice-versa.

Each sticky notepad comes with 50 sheets. In case you think I’m an evil capitalist who shorted the weekly sticky notes by 2 so you’d have to buy 2 sets to cover the entire year, I can assure you I’m not that smart…just ask this sentence structure.

Daily Sticky Note
Weekly Sticky Note

Mini Notebooks

Oh Mini Notebooks, your uses are endless. And you’re cute to boot.

These 5×7 beauties are also bag partners. Toss them in, and pull them out whenever you need to write things down, write a note to someone, or provide a corner for the eternal resting place for that piece of flavorless gum you have chewed to death.

More than that, they will also fit inside your planner pocket like a baby kangaroo inside their mother’s pouch. Maybe I should rename them Joey Notebooks?

With 6 cover options to choose from, there is a design for everyone – except the person who only wants a solid color. Can’t help you there.

Mini Notebook Details

  • 5 x 7 inches, weighs 2.2 ounces
  • 120gsm paper, white
  • Rounded corners
  • Center stapled
  • Sturdy coated paper cover with matte laminate
  • 48 inner pages (24 pages front & back)

Mini Notebook Ideas

Love the idea of these little notebooks but not quite sure what to use them for? Here’s some ideas!

  • Notes (podcasts, books, sermons)
  • Garden planning and progress
  • Home team notes (1 notebook for each of your people…keep track of what’s going on in their life, plus their favorite stuff for easy ways to love on them for their birthday, holidays, during hard times, or just because)
  • Gifts
  • Caretaker log
  • Journaling

Hopes & Dreams

Creating the planners and accessories are my favorite parts of this entire process called a planner business.

When I was designing these 2023 products, I was thinking how I want people to feel when they use Sprouted Planner, and I kept coming back to the word relieved.

I want you to finish your planning session and feel the relief and freedom that these planners offer. That’s because they are designed with these 3 core elements: intentionality, reflection, and simplicity. 

When we can get all the noise out of our heads and onto paper, there’s relief. When there’s no labeled boxes to hold you in a hostage of “shoulds,” and you can plan in a way that’s meaningful to you, that’s freedom

I also wanted the messaging to remain the same and true – that no matter what season of life you’re in, this planner can work for it. 

So here’s to you, dear reader – whether you are in an impossible season, one of bliss, or somewhere in between or intertwined, you are wanted and welcomed here. Sprouted Planner is here to help you plan an intentional life, not add to your overwhelm.

Personally, I invite you to check out everything Sprouted Planner has to offer. Click here to visit our website to learn more about the Sprouted story & shop your next best planner.

The 2023 Sprouted Planner Lineup


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