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Part II: People (your home team)

If you weren’t contemplatively hung over from figuring out your values, here’s another doozie for you: deciding your most important people.

We are going in order of planner layout, which means the People section comes directly after Intentions vs. Goals.

Relationships are integral to our well being.

In our fullness of life, we can sometimes (a lot of times for some of us) drop the ball on our relationships *uncomfortably avoids eye contact since hi, it’s me*

In truth, we only have so much time and bandwidth to devote to our relationships. If we’re not careful, that precious attention may not go to the people that actually matter the most to us.

Enter: the home team. Shauna Niequest (author) was the first to introduce me to this concept. It’s essentially identifying your top people so you make sure your energy is being invested into them, and not the acquaintance that keeps texting you.

It may seem silly to write down your closest relationships, but this will help keep you focused on your intentions of connection with the right people.


In your planner, on the opposite page of the header “People” is a blank page. This is the place to write down your home team.

Thinking about your sphere of connections, decide who is most important to you and your relational investment. This is not limited to significant others, family, and friends. This could also be dear neighbors who always have your back, or your work BFFs, fellow volunteers, etc.

Side note on family: just because you’re related doesn’t mean you need to make them part of your home team. You get to decide the boundary.


Once you have your list of VIPeople written down, decide how OFTEN and HOW you want to regularly connect with them. If your mom is on your home team, maybe you want to talk on the phone once a week and get together in person once every month.

Good news: this isn’t a list you’ll create and immediately forget. Each monthly spread in your planner has a reminder to check your People list and plan the connections you need to.

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Setting Up Your Planner Part 2: People


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