Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?

Last Friday was the 19th anniversary of 9/11. The day was marked by people and businesses acknowledging and reflecting on what that day meant for so many of us. A Facebook post has stuck with me several days later. It was posted on September 10th, and read like this: 

On this day... 19 years ago 246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning. 343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift. 60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift. None of them saw past 10:00am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted.

I'm not sure who to attribute it to, but what a powerful reminder. Both the number of lives lost, and how much our lives can change on an ordinary day. 

Flags in the Healing Fields for 9/11

Its reminders like this that solidifies how important it is to live intentionally, and to reflect on our time regularly. Can you imagine if we didn't reflect on the anniversaries of 9/11, and we simply forgot the details of that day and the lessons it taught us? Of course not every day, week, or month will be so significant (Thank God) but its YOUR life, so it is significant. Its worth spending a few minutes to identify the parts of your life you want to take off autopilot. Then a few more to figure out what was significant to you. 


Blog title is from the song "Where Were You" by Alan Jackson. 


In other news, I found a toad today, so that is neat.