Welcome to Sprouted Planner!

ALL are welcome here. 

I am beyond thrilled you are here, and I'll work hard to make sure you feel the same. 

The vision of Sprouted Planner is beyond a paper product. It is a vision of...

...A life that's lived with intention no matter what season of life you're in. From thriving to barely surviving, we can have a mindset to focus on what's most important to you, and how we want to face the day ahead. 

It's not about setting and achieving your goals at all costs. It's not about hustling and grinding. It's not about "GET IT GIRL" or "DO WORK SON." There's nothing inherently wrong with these aspirations. Not at all. But there inevitably comes a point in life when these sentiments lose their appeal. Or doesn't make sense given current circumstances. 

...To learn the art of looking back by reflecting. I want to help you incorporate reflecting into your rhythm by acknowledging what happened, what was hard, what was great, and if you're satisfied with how you spent your time. I truly believe it's vitally important to contemplate on your time spent in order to capture those memories and help inform/shape your actions going forward. 

...One that is uncomplicated. Life is hard enough, and I want this to be a space that is simple. Simple doesn't always mean easy, but it brings a vision of openness and order. A place where there's space to breathe and unload. A synonym of "simple" is "light." The things you face in life right now may not be light, but knowing what's the most important unclutters the rest.  

It is these principles that went into the making of Sprouted Planner, the paper product. You can read the founding story here. If this vision resonates with you, I'd love for you to join this community by signing up through the website. You can expect blog posts about intentional living + product information and sales. It won't all be so serious either - you can also expect some heavy sarcasm, a sprinkle of swearing (admittedly, I'm a bit of a swear bear), probably movie quotes, and humor. Don't rule out a recipe here and there too. All in the theme of intention. 

And if you're a planner person, buy the planner!