Showing up for Q4 2020

 Tomorrow is October 1st. It begins the last quarter of this year. It's also my sister's birthday (Happy Birthday, Jen). But I digress. 

Quarters haven't mattered to me since I've been out of the workplace. However, I was thinking back on the buzz of a new quarter in corporate - especially after an earnings call - and it has me thinking what I want this last quarter of 2020 to look like. As we have all come to realize, so much of the next 3 months+ is out of our control. This is something that gives me anxiety instead of freedom. I know I'm not alone in this. How I wish I knew when "the sickness" (as Gracy calls it) is going to be over, how the election will turn out, how the holidays will look this year, and if all my people are going to be safe and healthy. 

The thing that helps me overcome this fear is focusing on what I can control. And sometimes, having time parameters helps me focus, especially when everything feels overwhelming. Which brings me back to Q4 2020. 

What I can control is my own actions and how I approach this tumultuous season upon us. Looking back, the priorities I wrote at the beginning of the year helps me re-center. While I had no idea what curve balls this year would bring when I wrote them, I'm grateful that I put down things that stand the test of this time. My top priorities are:

  1. Myself (I realized I can't be effective in my relationships or other pursuits unless I take care of myself - mind, body, and soul)
  2. Aaron & the kids
  3. Planner business
  4. My home team
  5. Fun

Side note: I'll talk about the "home team" concept in a future post, but its essentially a small list of the people you choose to do life with the most, and who you want to spend your precious time investing in. 

I'm also approaching Q4 with this lens: how do I want to feel on December 31st? Other than panicked because that is my mom's birthday and I forgot to buy her something amongst all the Christmas stuff. 

So, here's my thoughts with those two things in mind - priorities, and how do I want to feel in 3 months. Here are my intentions:

  • Pour into my relationships. With all of our health on the line, I want every person on my home team to know how much I love them in my words and actions. We just do not know what tomorrow will bring, and I want to have no regrets here. 

  • Be rested. Previous years have left me flat-out exhausted by December 31st. My job used to be the busiest from now through mid-December, and then I took on too much with the holidays. Not this year. I will be making changes to make sure this doesn't happen, so I can focus my energy on my priorities. 

  • Look forward to the future. Let us not kid ourselves. There is nothing magical about the changing of time from December 31 to January 1. A new calendar does not wave the magic wand of a brand new beginning. This mindset will lead to disappointment and failure. I will spend a whole post on this closer to the new year but for now, just stop that. COVID will not be gone on January 1st. There will not be peace in our world. Our lives will largely look the same as they did the previous days. But do not lose sight that we have much to look forward to.

    I have loved (and struggled, to be honest) staying home with the kids, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have also loved being able to work on these planners and build this company, which I have wanted to do for years. I'm so dang excited about it, and that feels good. Being excited about something is life giving. It hasn't been easy to find the time to work on it, and frankly I could be napping and watching the Home Edit on Netflix instead, but this is firing and filling me up. 
  • Memories. Lastly, I want to reflect back on these next 3 months and have solid memories of time well spent. This will be a balance of committing to being rested and making fun adventures. I would hate to reflect back on this time and have nothing significant or fun standing out.

    It also means showing up in the hard times. My beloved Grandma's health is rapidly failing and she is on hospice. I'm not sure she will make it to see 2021, so amongst the chaos of littles and building a business, I'm trying to figure out how to show up in this time. Its a bittersweet reminder that this life is made up of hard and savory, and its our responsibility to show up for it all. 

Here's a question to reflect on. If your life was a company, what do you want your 2020 Q4 earnings call to report?