Shopping with Intention

Captain obvious here to point out that holiday shopping is going to look very different this year. 

For a variety of reasons, I have shucked down my shopping list for the holidays. These reasons being: 

  • All the COVID related things (not wanting to be out, already overspending because of it, etc.)
  • Starting a business this year (not cheap)
  • Being a single family income
  • Consciously cutting back on my gift budget in the beginning of the year, after years of overspending on gifts, going into debt, and then paying it off with savings
  • Lofty financial goals for ourselves that is taking dedication and sacrifice in other areas

Do any of these resonate with you?

I was nervous to tell my family about the changes, and opting out of the name drawings this year. Turns out, I wasn't alone! Two sides of my family agreed and have forgone gifts altogether this year, except for the kiddos. 

Beyond all this, I still have a small shopping list I'll be working through in these next few weeks. I'm determined to stick to my INTENTIONS of having a budget, list, and keep my blinders on to the flashy things. 

Also, because of all the great sales right now, I like to also spend some money on myself, my home, and Aaron + kids. This can easily get out of hand and FAST, though. The tried & true solution I've done for a couple years now?

Make a list ahead of time of the things we want/need and stick to it. 

It's that easy. I write out all the clothes I'd like. Same for Aaron and the kid's clothes. Any furniture or home decor. Accessories. Outdoor gear. 
I don't buy everything on that list, but when I'm perusing the stores (online too), and I see something that's on this list, and its within my budget, I get it. But I don't stray from the list. 

  • Super cute sweater that's 50% off?! Pass - I already have 5 of them, and its not on the list. 
  • 1 million pack of Pilot Pens?! Nope. I already have 800 different pens...and its not on the list. 
  • Jeans at 25% off? YES! All my jeans have holes in them, AND ITS ON MY LIST. 

Try it out this year. You'll set the intention ahead of time and not buy things you really don't need.