Legacy: Lessons From My Grandma Alice

Last week (November 3, 2020) my sweet Grandma passed away at the age 94. She died peacefully in her sleep in her home, exactly how she wanted it. Her body had been shutting down for a while, and it naturally progressed until it was enough. 

Even though she was in her 90s and we knew this was coming, it's still incredibly sad for our family. I'm almost 35 and my Grandma has been a key figure in my life since day 1. So much so, we named Gracy's middle name after her: Gracyn Alice. 

Alice Bloomquist Memorial

As I contemplate her life and legacy, I have realized that we don't need to change the world with profound writings, inventions, art, or a bold career. You can make a difference exactly where you are by loving well. 

You see, my Grandma was a care taker. It was in part in her very nature, and in part in the era she lived in. Besides raising her own children, she cared for 3 of her loved ones during their final phases of life. First her mother-in-law, then her own adult daughter, and then her husband. In the midst of all that, she was very involved with my sister and I since we grew up across the street from her, which was extra special. 

My Grandma wishes she could have seen more of the world while she was able. She also speaks fondly of her jobs, and there's excitement and longing in her voice when she spoke about them. 

Legacy. My Grandmother's legacy is love of her family and sacrifice. Our immediate family benefited from this enormously, and it has a ripple effect to this very day. You don't have to change the world to profoundly have an impact on a few, and it builds from there. I hope everyone can really absorb that. 

Lessons. I also took away that its important to do the things that bring you meaning. Even if it only matters to you, that's a great enough reason to do it. 

Thank you for everything, Grandma. We love you more.