Introducing the 2022 Planners & Accessories

It's been a little over a year since I initially launched Sprouted Planner into the world. 

I created these planners out of a need for something different from the planner world. It was the need for a planner that didn't force me to set a bunch of goals, or track how much water I've drank, or list out my self-care plan. 

I didn't have the capacity to do those things. It wasn't a time thing (although that was very limited too), but a mental ability thing. There was too much hard stuff going on for me to handle that. You can read the whole story here.

Even though I'm in a different season of life now, the core pillars of Sprouted Planner still are relevant - even more than ever. 

Those pillars are intention, reflection, and simplicity. With a 4th supporting cast of people - your people, or home team. 

In the 2nd round of planners, these pillars did not change. In fact, after the last couple of years we all have had, I think these pillars hold up extremely well. 

Without further adieu, I'm thrilled to reveal the full 2022 line-up of Sprouted Planners and accessories. All designed and made with the intention to serve you in whatever season you are in and not to add to your overwhelm. 

The Planner Covers

The amazingly talented and kind-hearted Karla Pamales ( designed these covers. I wanted a little something for everyone: one that was colorful and full of life, one that was very simple yet beautiful, and one that was a little more formal. They're a beaut, clark. 

Sprouted Planner Watercolor Cover Sprouted Planner Geometric Cover
 Leaves Watercolor Geometric

 *Excuse the weird photo sizing here. Not a blogging expert.

The planners come in both dated and undated. Within each of those options, they come in daily or weekly versions. 

Dated Planners

The dated planners run from January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022. They are slightly larger than the undated versions in order to accommodate the monthly tabs. 

You can find the full product dimensions and descriptions for the dated planners here

Sprouted Planner Dated Versions

The weekly version has 7 rectangles (Monday - Sunday) laid out horizontally on one page, and your to-dos, a grid for lists, and blank space on the other page. A rectangular box bookends the beginning and end of the week as space for your intentions and reflections, or whatever you want it to be.

The daily version features 3 blank checkboxes, an hourly schedule with half-hour lines indicated, a grid for lists, to-dos, and blank space. Just like the weekly version, rectangular boxes are at the top and bottom of the page. 

The daily version also shares a page for the weekend, but has separate hourly schedules, to-dos, and intentions boxes. They share a blank space, and a large rectangle at the bottom. 

 Daily Layout Weekly Layout


Undated Planners

The undated planners also come in a daily and weekly version. There are no monthly tabs, making them slightly smaller in size. 

The monthly layouts and monthly reflections are stacked at the beginning of the planner. 

Sprouted Planner Undated Planners

The daily and weekly spreads are identical to the dated planner, but without dates. The undated daily planner also only features one page per day, with no weekend differentiators. 

You can see more pictures and specifics about the undated planners here

Daily Layout Weekly Layout



Each planner comes with a snap-in ruler and 2 sticker pages. 

The ruler is pretty darn close to being accurate measurements, but I certainly wouldn't build a house by it. 

It also features the quote that inspired the name of the planners by Jack Kornfield. 

The stickers are fun. There is a full sheet of icons to use with your planning. I particularly like using them as part of my monthly spread. 

The other sheet has different colored flags, arrows, and circles, so you can draw attention to the big stuff. Or simply add fun pops of color. 

Sprouted Planner Extras

Sticky Notes

I am bonkers about these sticky notes. They are the PERFECT accessory to go with your planner. 

That's because there is a weekly sticky note pad and a daily pad. The layouts match the layout of Sprouted Planner.

If you are a weekly planner user, then grab yourself the daily sticky notes. When you need to plan certain days in more detail, then use the sticky note to plan your hourly schedule (even down to the half-hour), make your to-do list, and still have room for notes and other lists. 

Vice versa for daily planner users. If you want to see the big picture of your week, then plan it out on the weekly sticky note, and easily move it day-to-day in your planner.

These sticky notes also fit perfectly inside your planner. They measure 5.75 x 8 inches.

These puppies are printed on 3M Post-it notes, because they are hands-down the best. They are also manufactured in my home state of Minnesota. 

Sprouted Planner Sticky Notes

Mini Notebooks

Are these cute or what. The mini notebooks measure 4.5 x 6 inches and come in 3 different cover options. They are the same cover options as the planners.

There are 16 pages (32 front and back pages).

Sprouted Planner Mini Notebook Sprouted Planner Mini Notebook Sprouted Planner Mini Notebook
Geometric Watercolor Leaves


The covers are a thick cardstock (100#), and the inside is on thick 70# paper with a soft gray dot grid. 

Sprouted Planner Mini Notebooks Inside

If you can't decide which planner cover to get for your planner, then choose one for your planner and the other for your mini notebook. Or go for matchy-matchy with your planner cover. You can't lose either way.

These little ladies are also made in Minnesota. In fact, they are printed about 5 minutes from my house. The owner has been incredible in sharing his time and vast knowledge of printing. 

These little notebooks are great for notetaking and can be portable to-do lists. They will easily fit in your purse, backpack, or tucked into the front pocket of your planner.

Here are some other ideas you can use these for:

  • Perpetual calendar (make each sheet of paper a month)
  • Sermon notes
  • Podcast notes
  • Garden notes
  • Home team notes (1 notebook for each of your people...keep track of what's going on in their life, plus their favorite stuff for easy ways to love on them for their birthday, holidays, during hard times, or just because)

There you have it. The 2022 line-up of Sprouted Planners and accessories. It was a delight bringing these to life. It is my sincerest hope that these bring you joy too. 

Cheers to an intentional life.