2022-23 Academic Planner & Accessories

Hold up one hand with your fingers spread you're about to give the most awkward high five in all of history. Now let's play a game. 

Put a finger down every time you answer YES:

  1. You have used a paper planner before
  2. You used a paper planner in high school and/or college
  3. Some aspect of your life rotates around an academic schedule (August/September - May/June)
  4. You work in an academic setting OR have a child in school
  5. You're currently in the market for a new planner

If you have zero - three fingers left up, then an academic planner might be right for you. 

And what a coincidence...

For the first time in Sprouted Planner history, I introduce to you the 2022-2023 Academic Planner. 

 Sprouted Planner Academic Planner Cover with weekly spread in background

It’s one planner style with only one cover option. Making decisions easier since June 1st, 2022.

There are also beautifully coordinated accessories. Keep reading to see it all.

But first, the process. 

Planner Design

This planner is actually an experiment. I don’t know the academic market well, so I thought I’d try something new. 

Here’s the components I knew I wanted it to have: 

  • Hourly layout
  • Book bound with stair step tabs
  • A5 size

I also knew I wanted to do a "limited edition" cover style that wouldn't be part of the 2023 planners. My awesome designer, Karla Pamanes, created the simple but beautiful planner cover, plus coordinating accessory covers. GORGEOUS!

It was a lot of fun designing the interior pages. While there isn’t a lot of wiggle room for an hourly design in an A5 size, I did put together a few options. Then I let my amazing followers vote on what they liked the best. 

It turns out the most unique layout was liked best. 

Hourly Planner Layout

At risk of being a copy cat to some other big planner brands, I expanded my options by designing the layout from a turned-book perspective.

The hourly schedule is sideways on the left-hand side. When you turn it, it’s right-side up on the top. It’s a Monday-start, with every day of the week getting its own, full column.

Sprouted Planner Academic Planner weekly layout view  

Directly below each date box is a gray-shaded box. You can use this however you want: 

  • Daily intention
  • Focus of the day
  • Reminders (like someone’s birthday)

Directly below that starts the hourly schedule, running 5am through 9pm. It is a grid layout (light gray), with the hours listed in every other box, thus giving you half-hour segments. 

The U.S. Holidays and Observations are noted with an asterisk following the day of the week (e.g., Monday*), then listed at the bottom of the hourly schedule. 

Moving to the page below, there is small table separated into 7 columns, with the days of the week listed. It’s less than 2 inches tall, also gridded, and is a space for whatever works for you:

  • Daily needs
  • Day-specific to-dos
  • Gratitude
  • Meals
  • Habits

Below that is a 2-column box with 15 lines and checkboxes in each column (captain obvious here: that’s 30 checkboxes total). This is meant to be your to-do list for the week, but if you want it to be a grocery or packing list, have at it. It’s not labeled. 

To the right of the to-do box is a small rectangle of blank space for your notes or doodles or stickers or quotes. This is your planner, don’t let me tell you what to do with it. 

Lastly, just below the blank space is another grayed-out rectangle. This is for your weekly reflection. A place to jot down what was memorable/good/hard. Or it can be a peek into next week that you don’t want to forget (“Monday is pirate day at Emma’s school”). 

Monthly Layout 

Despite the weekly layout being flipped, the rest of the planner is normal. 

The monthly layout boasts lined boxes (can I get an AMEN?) with the traditional Sunday - Saturday flow. 

Sprouted Planner Academic Planner monthly layout view

The very first column holds the Sprouted Planner signature checklist of People, Reminders, and Year List (more on that below). Below that is an open grid (about 1.25 x 5.25 inches) for whatever you choose to put there.

Underneath the calendar are two boxes, one on each page. The left-hand box is a 2-column list with checkboxes (5 in each column x 2 columns = 10 checkboxes. And yes, I did consider a math minor in college). 

You can use this checkbox to write down goals for the month, intentions, what People, Reminders, and/or Year List items you want to work on, etc.

The box on the right-hand side is blank with only a faint gray border to wrangle it in. Feel free to write down angsty lyrics here.

Monthly Reflection

After each month is a dedicated spread for reflecting on the month.

Sprouted Planner Academic Planner monthly reflection view

I deeply believe in the power and importance of reflecting. It helps you recognize and signify the time you spent, process what happened, provides insight, and allows clarity for future decisions. 

There are some questions that stay the same every month, and some questions that change every month. Here are the questions that stay the same every month:

  • Review your calendar from the month. What stands out as memorable?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you struggle with?
Plus these fun ones:
  • What are you listening to?
  • What are you watching?
  • What are you reading?
  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What are you feeling challenged or worried by?

There is also a year-end reflection spread. This is placed in the front of the planner, so it gives you the choice of when you want to reflect on the year.

[Reflecting] helps you recognize and signify the time you spent, process what happened, provides insight, and allows clarity for future decisions.

The Set-up/Front Pages

The front of the planner remains pretty darn similar to the yearly planners, if you are familiar. It has these components: 

A welcome note

From yours truly about how honored I am you bought the planner and the quick story behind it.

How to use the planner

Both as the way I designed it, but also as a reminder that there are no rules or labeled boxes, so it’s what works best for you.

Intentions vs goals

Many other planners are centered around goals. Sprouted Planner is centered around intention, which comes before goals. 


We are made for relationships. Life is also crazy. This section helps you identify your top & closest people - your home team - and intentions of when and how to keep in touch. 


You know those future things you want to write down, but don’t want to commit to your monthly spread yet? Or maybe it’s something you want to remember (like when camping registration opens up). Perhaps it’s seasonal things (Fall: get chimney cleaned). 

This is where you can put those things. There are two different options to organize these: a seasons section, and a box for each month. The checklist on the monthly spread will remind you to reference this page and commit it to your calendar at the right time. 

Sprouted Planner Academic Planner Reminders layout

Year List & Hopes for the Year Ahead

Like a bucket list for the year, complete with 29 spaces and checkmarks. The page across prompts you to freestyle write what your hopes are for the year ahead. 

Year-at-a-Glance Calendar + U.S. Holidays and Observations

I’m not really sure if anyone references these but they are an unspoken part of every planner. 

Year End Reflection

Guided reflection questions for the end of your year. It’s at the front of the planner so you can choose when your year ends - at the end of the academic calendar, or the end of the yearly calendar. Or maybe you reflect on your birthday.

2 Blank/Lined Spreads (4 pages)

Who couldn’t use more lined pages? Do what you want here, but here are some ideas:

  • Staple meal ideas
  • Morning & night routines
  • More year lists (books to read, movies/shows to watch, etc.)
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Vision/Manifestation Board
  • Doodles

The Back

Immediately after the July Monthly Reflection is a page labeled “Next Year” with the months listed out next to a grid box. This is the gap filler in between planners.

When you need to put plans or reminders in a future planner you don’t have yet, you can simply put it in the designated monthly box as a holder until you get your next planner. 

Lastly, there are 28 lined notes pages to finish the planner. Hooray for an abundance of notes pages. 

Planner Features

Here’s a quick and dirty list of the planner features:

  • August 2022 - July 2023
  • Cover: 6.5 x 8.5 inches (14/16” thick); weighs 1.3 lbs.
  • Book bound
  • Saddle stitched (which means it lays flat)
  • Hardcover
  • Protective gold corners
  • Mylar covered stair-step tabs
  • Accordian pocket inside the back cover
  • 80lb paper, white
  • Ribbon page marker

The cover is an attractive, classic, and simple polka-dot design, with imperfect dots in slightly various sizes and shades of gray. 

The spine of the planner shows the year (2022 - 2023) and the Sprouted Planner logo. If you store your planner on a shelf in between uses or after the year, it’s a great reference feature. 

Overall, this stylish and compact planner is a perfect companion for your academic year. 

Let us not forget about its gorgeous sidekicks too…


There are 3 new accessories being launched with the Academic Planner.

Monthly Calendar

This little gem is a great stand-alone or companion to your planner. It is simply the monthly spreads with blank, lined-pages in between each month. 

Sprouted Planner Academic Monthly Planners 3 cover options fanned out over an open one on a January monthly spread

The monthly view has lined boxes, with a grid box to the left of Sunday. The days run from Sunday - Saturday. Also like the planner, it runs from August 2022 - July 2023. 


The notes pages are lined, with small, solid gray-blue boxes to the far-left of each line. You can use them as checkboxes or pretend they are decoration. There are 25 lines and boxes per page. At the very end, there are 3 lined pages without the blue-gray boxes.


  • August 2022 - July 2023
  • 6 x 8 inches (3/16” thick); weighs 4 ounces
  • Staple-bound
  • 120gsm paper, white
  • Cover is sturdy coated paper with matte laminate
  • Academic calendar at-a-glance & U.S. Holidays and Observations listed
  • 3 cover options to choose from

Whether you only need a monthly calendar planner, or you want an additional calendar for meal planning, content planning, kid’s schedules, etc. It makes a perfect companion to your planning needs. 

Mini Notebooks

Who doesn’t need a good little notebook? They are so versatile. These cuties have 48 lined pages inside (24 pages front and back). Use them for notes, gifts, journaling, lists, or whatever else you can think of. 

Sprouted Planner Academic Planner Collection 3 mini notebook covers shown in a fanned layout


  • 5 x 7 inches; weighs 2.2 ounces
  • Rounded corners
  • Staple-bound
  • 120 gsm paper, white
  • Cover is sturdy coated paper with matte laminate
  • 3 cover options to choose from


Oh, hello accessory I never knew I needed! When I set out to make these, I intended to ONLY make and sell one. 4 notepads later…

Thank you to everyone on Instagram who weighed in on the designs. Your input is greatly important to me, and it’s super helpful!

I’ll let the pictures do the talking below, but first the features of the notepads.


  • 5-13/16 x 8-3/8 inches
  • 80 sheets of paper (+ printed on front and back)
  • 120gsm paper, white
  • Fabric cover and back
  • Tasteful gray color ink

Notebook styles

  1. Notes I
  2. Notes II
  3. Daily
  4. Weekly

Sprouted Planner Notepads

Top Left: Notes I | Top Right: Weekly | Bottom Left: Daily | Bottom Right: Notes II


Now that you know the ins and outs of the planner and accessories, let’s do a combination fashion show: 


 Expected to be shipped out no later than July 6th and 7th.