Setting Up Your Planner, Part 4: Year List & Hopes

The fun continues in our 2023 Sprouted Planner setup! If you’ve followed along in order, then we’ve determined our values and intentions, our home team, and worked through our reminders. 

We once again turn the page to the bucket list of 2023.

The Year List

More than pie in the sky dreams for the year, the year list is actually a practice of intentionality. 

  • What do you intend to do this year? 
  • What’s important for you to accomplish or experience?

As you sit down with your blank list in front of you, say out loud: by this time next year…

Here’s some ideas to get those juices flowing:

  • Special projects
  • Skill development
  • Experiences
  • Trips
  • Feelings (peaceful, energized, present, joyful, allowing all the feelings)
  • Financial markers
  • Connections
  • Habits
  • Business ventures
  • Places to try out
  • Reading goals
  • Kid goals (from potty training to college tours)
  • Things to stop

There’s also a trend to create a year list with the same number of things as the year. That’s 23 to be exact for this year. 

Once again, on the monthly spread, “Year List” is the final reminder on the checklist. 

My personal planning practice around this is to pick what Year List thing(s) I want to work on that month. Then, it goes onto the checklist for that month. 

Hopes for the Year

Opposite of the Year List is a blank, lined page with the prompt, “what are your hopes for the year ahead?” 

Judging by the number of people who declare, “this is going to be the best year ever!” I’d say most people have hopes and expectations of a new year. Write those down! Don’t edit yourself as you do.

It’s good to know what your hopes & expectations are for the year. It can help you assess if they are realistic or what actions or mindset changes you need to take to either fulfill these hopes (if possible), or shift your expectations in a life where things happen. 

There’s the fine line of planning for our outcomes, and accepting that things don’t always go to plan. But hey, planners gonna plan. 

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