a planner is open to a page with boxes to plan reminders

Setting up your Planner Part 3: Reminders

Welcome back! We are setting up our 2023 Sprouted Planners section by section. This will be the same if you have a weekly planner or daily planner.

If you’re following along in order, you’ve done the hardest parts – values, intentions, and relationships. 

WHEW! That was some emotional labor.

Now it’s time for some fun. That might be a bold statement, but fun to us planners. 

We turn the page to REMINDERS. 

This is the pre-game section before you commit things to your monthly, weekly, and/or daily plans. 

There are two different sections you can utilize: seasons and monthly.

There’s no rules of what to do with this section but here’s some ideas. 

  • Planning out projects
  • Seasonal chores
  • Goal setting
  • Reminders of openings/registrations
  • Renewal reminders (*side eyeing Amazon Prime*)
  • Wish/idea lists, such as seasonal fun things to do
  • Focus themes (such as decluttering in January)

Personally, I’ll use mine to plan projects and note when registrations open for camper camping this summer, and to sign the kids up for summer camps. I’ll also use the seasonal parts for some key activities I’d like to do as a family.

Once you’ve filled out your pre-plans, you don’t have to worry about forgetting them. On each monthly spread, there’s another reminder to check this list and schedule them in.

Fun, right?

Jump over to YouTube to let me know how you’re going to use this section!

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