helping you plan an intentional life

You are an ever evolving person whose life and needs change often. Your planner should be a tool to serve your changing needs. Sprouted Planner was made to meet you where you're at.

Our tools help you approach your days with a deliberate set of mind, space to gain perspective through reflection, and plenty of room for lists and notes. That's it. Unlabeled, uncomplicated, and intentional. No pressure to achieve or track progress (unless you want to)


When life is already nuanced, you don't need another complex tool.

Your purchase helps serve the people living with ALS, the disease described as "death by a thousand papercuts," and gets us closer to an ultimate and desperately needed cure.

I created Sprouted Planner after going through a hard season of loss and renewal. When other planners didn't fit the bill, I made one that serves from the lessons I learned during that time. I know they will serve you in all your seasons too.

Hi, I'm Heather!

The Story Behind Sprouted Planners

"I cannot imagine ever going back to another planner...I have reached true planner peace." 

"No planner has ever met my needs to way Sprouted has." 

"The set-up is perfect, the neutrality is wonderful, and I love the extras. I'm able to use it perfectly for work and home. And I love that you gave us spaces that are open and unlabeled."

Don't just take our word for it

Sprouted Planners is dedicated to help you live an intentional life through planning.